Stress Less

A special focus on how to stay sane when searching for jobs.

Time: 9.00 - 12.00 h 
Location: CIC office, Villach, Hauptplatz 7 
Speaker: Eva Kosel, Clinical & Health Psychologist, Professional Development Coach

Language: English

Limited number of participants. 
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This workshop focuses on discussing theory and facts about stress. Participants will learn about the two sides of stress, its benefits and downsides. They will also gain awareness about their own stress symptoms, assess their own level of tension and explore various stress coping strategies including relaxation techniques and the power of positive thought. A special focus of the workshop will be on the typical stressors we face when searching for jobs and how to handle them.

This workshop is free of charge for those who participate in the CIC Job Service Program.

Price for participants who are not in the Job Service Programme: 120 Euro.