English as a Tool for Apprentices

With "English as a Tool" language training moves from the school desk to the workbench. English native speakers or international language trainers come directly to the training center and speak to the apprentices only in English. The Carinthian International Center (CIC) offers your company this special project with its training partner bfi. The state of Carinthia provides 50% support.

In addition to expanding vocabulary and acquiring specific specialist vocabulary, our focus is above all on overcoming the awkwardness of having a conversation in English.

What do we offer?
• A topic-related and face-to-face interaction with English native speakers, tailored to the work environment, directly in the workplace / training workshop 
• Tailor-made conversation exercises, addressing your needs and those of the apprentices
• An service lasting 8-12 weeks, where each apprentice receives 20 minutes of individual conversation twice a week (a total of 72 teaching units)
• In cooperation with the bfi, we guarantee a qualified and high-quality training programme
• The state of Carinthia supports this training programme by 50% per course.

If you are interested in our basic training programme or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We can also create tailor-made offers for you if you have fewer than 5 apprentices in the company.

Contact: service@cic-network.at

Face to Face

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