The perfect online job interview

When: Thursday, 6th Oktober 2022, (First meeting)
            Thursday, 13th Oktober 2022 (Second meeting)

Location: Online
Speaker:  Mag. Anna Faggin, Career Consultant
Language: English

Limited number of participants. Please register HERE by October 4th.

If there are any problems with the registration, kindly contact

Online interviews have always been around, but with the pandemic, companies have increased the use of this tool to carry out at least the first steps of the recruitment phase.

Research says that once the Covid is passed, this tool will remain as a protagonist in the recruitment process.

Interviewing to camera is a skill, but how can you learn to ace the process without loads of experience?

With this workshop we want to provide you with information and tools to answer this question.


During this workshop you will learn:

  • How to prepare a perfect online job interview
  • How to produce a perfect online job interview


This workshop is free of charge for those who participate in the CIC Job Service Program.
Price for participants who are not in the Job Service Programme: 120 Euro.