Delegation Services

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Are you looking for support when entering Austria and have questions about the red-white-red card, residence and work permits or registration of EU citizens? Are you also looking for suitable accommodation? With our delegation service we prepare the way for you to arrive in Austria free of complaints.

Included services:
Red-White-Red card, residence permits and work permits, registration of EU citizens
• Making contact before entry into Austria
• Investigation and verification to confirm the correct authorization or the entry documents
• Obtaining all the documents for the application of the residence and work permits
• Assistance with filling in forms
• Collection and presentation on request of the documents/notifications to the appropriate authorities, accompanied by the specialist
• Appointment coordination for the collection of the notices
• Pick-up service from a hotel or company
• Renewal of the residence permit (RWR, blue card EU etc.)
• Support in opening the bank account

Looking for an Apartment
• Receipt of all relevant information to prepare a catalogue of requirements
• Market research for suitable property and submission to the customer in advance as an initial selection
• Coordination of personal property and arranging a guided tour
• Accompanied apartment viewing in accordance with the customer’s initial selection
• Inspection of the rental offer and rental contract
• Obtaining all of the signed residence forms from the landlord or landlady
• Assistance with the completion of the contract
• Reminder service (receipt of a timely email message whenever a permit has to be extended)