Matching Sessions

Hire "Off Line"

Job matching for (highly) qualified profiles!

Development of individual solutions for highly qualified job-seeking CIC members and partners. In cooperation with the respective personnel departments of selected companies, job opportunities are identified and entry conditions are developed.

In regular meetings with the personnel managers of individual companies, these companies are presented and vacant positions are addressed. The participants can ask questions about their application possibilities and subsequently entry possibilities can be discussed and developed, even if the skills and abilities of the applicants do not correspond 100% to the job requirements.

The aim is to prepare the applicant for the job, whether through an internal or external further education programme, on the job training or internal mentoring or coaching or possibly a lateral entry.

In addition, events are to be organised to provide applicants with information and motivation to start a career in Carinthia:

- Discussion rounds with already placed CIC members

- Networking events with WKO, young entrepreneurs' association, service clubs or joint development of business ideas for self-employment.

For contacts:

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