Further Education

Have you just moved to Carinthia and are you looking for a qualifying training for your professional future? We can help you choose your studies (BA, MA, PhD) or other professional training courses offered by schools, universities and institutions in the area and we can accompany you in the process of recognition of your qualifications abroad.

For information and costs please contact us: office@cic-network.at

Evening schools

HTL Mössingerstraße (Elektrotechnik/Maschinenbau)

HTL Lastenstraße (Maschineningenieurwesen)

HTL Villach (Bautechnik)

HTL Wolfsberg (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen/Maschineningenieurwesen)

HAK Klagenfurt (Wirtschaft)

Abendgymnasium Klagenfurt

Abendgymnasium Villach