Megi Lika

Dentist, accompanying partner of an Infineon employee

The CIC was, and still is, my first and greatest support.

To everybody who has recently arrived here, I would just like to say: if you think positively and have patience then everything is possible in life. Do you have an ambitious goal? All you need to do is take things step by step. On my path to achieving this, the CIC was, and still is, my first and greatest support.

My husband and I are both from Albania. There I studied dentistry and was already working as a dentist when my husband started to work for Infineon. In Villach we finally set up our shared home. My first contact with the CIC was at a Get Together. That was two years ago. Ever since the CIC has supported me in my pursuit to work as a dentist in Austria.

It was clear to me that a very good knowledge of German is essential to reach that goal. I came to Austria with an A1 level and my first task was to focus on learning German. As a result I took a whole string of German classes at the Kärntner Berufsförderungsinstitut (bfi). Just recently I successfully passed the C2 level test. A good addition to my German classes at bfi-Kärnten was the German conversation course ‘Deutsch – Sprechen, Lernen, Erleben’ offered by Infineon and the CIC. It provided me with a lot of insights about life and culture in Austria and it was there that I made my first friends.

The validation of my diploma is a major hurdle that I will hopefully master in the near future thanks to the common efforts of the education partners CIC and bfi. I was given intensive support from the bfi project SprachPflege and its team in the form of individual coaching. Moreover, costs for translations, (language) tests and travels were covered by this AMIF-project (BMEIA, ÖIF and State of Carinthia). At this point, I would like to extend a big Thank You to the whole bfi team SprachPflege! For the full validation of my diploma in Austria only a diploma thesis and a couple of supplementary tests are still needed. I am optimistic that I can manage those within the next year. At the moment the CIC Job Service is helping me to find an internship position. My big goal – it’s getting closer and closer!  

Interview: Birgit Stegbauer
January 2020