Job Circle in German

In the job circles we discuss job-relevant topics in German. Together we talk about experiences on the Carinthian job market, simulate online job interviews, and discuss other current job-related topics.

Job Circle in German: Level A1+
On Wednesdays from 9-10 h
Tutor: Birgit Stegbauer

Job Circle in German: Level A2+
On Wednesdays from 10.30-12:00 h
CIC office, Villach OR ONLINE if you prefer
Tutor: Isabel Brugger

Job Circle in German: Level B1+
On Thursdays from 9-10.30 h
Tutor: Birgit Stegbauer

This offer is for persons participating in the Job Service Programme and is free of charge.

You can join any time, if a place is available. Please contact:

This workshop is free of charge for those who participate in the CIC Job Service Program.
Price for participants who are not in the Job Service Programme: 120 Euro.